JUPITER ARTLAND, SCOTLAND: Hurt Earth, Jenny Holzer, 2021

During October and November 2021 artist Jenny Holzer launched HURT EARTH, a powerful series of light projections illuminating landmarks across the UK to draw attention to the cliamte crisis and mark COP26, the 26th annual United Nations summit on climate change. HURT EARTH  travelled to Jupiter Artland during COP26 bathing the woodland space in a collection of aching, inspiring and expert testimony from more than 40 activists, leaders and many others addressing the climate crisis.



Co-curated and produced by Artwise and Shore Art Advisory and in collaboration with Art For Your World, the artwork launched at Tate Modern in London before going on to Scotland to light Edinburgh Castle as well as the SEC Armadillo, located in the official Blue Zone of COP26 in Glasgow, followed by MET Tower in Glasgow and finally a series of pop-up locations in Edinburgh.


HURT EARTH, 2021. Light Projection. Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, Scotland. Text: Greta Thunberg, “There are no real climate leaders yet – who will step up at Cop26?,” The Guardian, October 21, 2021. Used with permission of the author. © 2021 Jenny Holzer, ARS. Video: Pete Doris. Animation: Seth Brau