PAUL VEROUDE, VIEW SUSPENDED 2: Mercedes Benz World, 2010


For Mercedes Benz World we commissioned Dutch artist Paul Veroude to create View Suspended 2, an installation that featured seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 car stripped bare and suspended piece-by-piece on a wire.


Formula 1 has always been renowned for closely guarding the secret inner workings of their multi-million pound vehicles and this thrilling exhibit instead revealed all. Each individual component was meticulously arranged and hung from individual wires on a purpose build frame without a single drill mark on the car's original material. The care and technical precision with which Veroude took apart the racing car meant that, at any point, it could be immediately put back together. 


The installation produced the effect of a car that has just exploded all of it's parts a fraction of a second earlier, before being frozen in time and managed to successfully combine engineering and sculpture to create a stunning and innovative physical entity. Although it was transformed into an art form, the racing car displayed still remained entirely representative of modern-day Formula 1 technology.