PAUL VEROUDE: 2005-2011

View Suspended, 2005, by Dutch artist Paul Veroude was the third major international commission we curated for the Tribe Art projects for the Honda F1 Racing Team. This awe-inspiring art installation in which an F1 car was ‘exploded’ into all its 2,200 parts and suspended dramatically mid-air, gives the viewer a glimpse into the striking racing car's advanced technology and emphasises the theatre of F1. 


This project was first shown in Shanghai in 2005 and then went on to take centre stage at the London Motor Show in 2007 and finally started its new life by once again delighting audiences as a permanent installation as View Suspended II in Mercedes Benz World, when Mercedes took over the Honda Racing team.


View Suspended went viral on the internet which resulted in Paul Veroude, through Artwise, being invited back to China to make a new ‘exploded’ car - this time for Dongfeng Nissan. Once again, the art installation crossed bridges between art and technology and turned Nissan’s most popular car, the Nissan Teana, into an iconic sculpture of grand proportion.


Veroude's understanding and love of mechanical engineering plays a major part in the way he decides to deconstruct and then reassemble these car installations for which has now become world famous.