LOTHAR GÖTZ, Porte de Couleur: IQL, London, 2018

In the summer of 2018, we curated an exciting new art commission by east London based German artist Lothar Götz in Glasshouse Gardens, International Quarter, London.


Conceived by the artist as a 'continuous line drawing in space', Porte de Couleur is a gateway sculpture formed of a steel 'line' that intersects to form triangles. The 'walls' are open structures that frame views through to the landmarks of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The architectural sculpture plays with the changing levels of the land on which it stands by forming slanting parallelograms rather than rectangles. The 'roof' is formed by an open geometric structure that holds triangles of different coloured glass that intersect at the corners, allowing natural light to cast coloured shapes and shadows on the ground that will be in constant flux depending on the time of day and year. This natural light allows for a playful interaction with all those who walk through it. The artist has also worked in close collaboration with landscape architects ALD Ltd to ensure that the sculpture is in harmony with the planting around it and vice versa. 


The work forms part of the established art walk THE LINE (www.the-line.org) - London's first dedicated art walk that spans a route along the Meridian from The O2 in Greenwich to Stratford - for which Artwise act as curatorial consultants.


Project Details:

Commissioned by Lendlease on behalf of SCBD and LCR

Curated by Artwise 

Structural engineering by Packman Lucas 

Landscape design by Applied Landscape Design Ltd 

Fabrication by PAD Contracts