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Julian Opie, Hungerford Bridge. Render compilation

Bridge by Julian Opie

An Art Lights London Project

Curated by Artwise

"Stop for a moment on any city street and watch the passing crowd. There is a beauty and energy in the striding figures. Each person wrapped in their purpose, dressed in their own way, combining with strangers to create a constantly changing, random dance….."  - Julian Opie, Artist 

Bridge by Julian Opie will transform one of London’s best loved bridges into an animated sculptural installation that will resemble a ‘film strip’ of the artist’s iconic figures spanning the full 300m length of the bridge.

The specially commissioned series of moving figures will walk, run and jog, across the bridge, echoing the bustling public on the bridge’s footpath and reflecting the eclectic mix of people who make up the vibrant communities of London. 

Bridge by Julian Opie will be architecturally sympathetic to the historic rail bridge and London’s iconic skyline with the Houses of Parliament to the right and the London Eye to the left.

The commission will be experienced from the Golden Jubilee footbridge that runs on the east side of the Hungerford railway bridge. Pedestrians will be able to walk alongside Opie’s three metre tall digital figures by day and by night, forming an interactive element to the work, creating enjoyment, affection and affiliation.

Bridge by Julian Opie will be a major sponsorship opportunity in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and a world centre for culture, tourism and commerce. 

This project is currently under development. 


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